Access To Personal Info

Access to information we have about you

If we hold any information about you, you are entitled to see it. To do this, you have to fill in a 'Subject Access Request' form and pay a fee of £10. There are a few situations where we can refuse to give you the information, such as when we are using it to prevent crime or find and apprehend offenders, and giving out the information would make our task more difficult.

Once we have received your completed form and your fee, and are satisfied with the proof of identity you have given us, we will provide the information within 40 days.

You can ask for the information that is held nationally, on the Police National Computer, or the information we hold here in Merseyside. Both are covered by the same form and a single fee.

Note, however, that

  • the 'police check' or 'disclosure' carried out as part of a job application or for some volunteer work, with children for example, is a separate procedure. If this is what you need, you should apply to the Criminal Records Bureau.
  • if you need a Police Certificate for a visa or emigration application, you should apply to the ACPO Criminal Record Office. You can download the form you need from their website.

You are only entitled to see information about yourself, and you will have to provide proof of identity. If the information we hold identifies anyone else as well, you will need written permission from them before we can release the information to you. We may check with the other person to ensure they have given their consent.