Event Organizing

Organising Events and Operations

Our Force Operations Department works to ensure that everyday life continues as smoothly as possible during major sporting or entertainment events like the Mathew Street Festival, VIP visits to Merseyside, big race meetings at Aintree or public demonstrations. We're proud of our reputation for ensuring events take place safely.

We work in partnership with the companies organising the events to advise on venues and routes, marshalling and safety, and first aid provision. Our main aim is to help ensure that the event meets the expectations of the organisers and the people taking part while causing as little nuisance or disruption as possible to the rest of the community.

If you intend to arrange a sports or entertainment event that will attract large crowds or take place within public spaces, such as a festival in a park, a road race or a protest march or gathering, you should contact the Operations and Events Section of the Force Operations Department at our Headquarters in Canning Place.