Anti Social Behaviour

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What is anti-social behaviour?
A lot of people think they've experienced anti social behaviour (ASB). There are many different types of ASB, some are dealt with by the police, and some by your local council.

We deal with:

  • Vandalism that is linked to threatening and/or offensive behaviour
  • Graffiti linked to threatening and/or offensive behaviour (e.g.: involving racism or other hate crimes)
  • Buying drugs on the street
  • Drinking on the street
  • Threatening or drunken behaviour
  • Setting off fireworks late at night
  • Off road motor bikes

Your local council deals with:

  • Rowdy and noisy neighbours
  • General vandalism
  • General graffiti, such as 'tagging'
  • Uncontrolled pets
  • Abandoned vehicles
  • Unkempt gardens, rubbish dumping
  • Shouting and name-calling
  • Littering

Advice and support
We know how frustrating and upsetting ASB can be.

The best thing to do is keep a note of when and where these incidents are happening, making sure you include any descriptions of people or vehicles involved.

We take ASB very seriously, but we do have to prioritise the calls we take, based on urgency. Sometimes it's not possible for an officer to come out and see you immediately, but the operator will tell you when you can expect a call or visit.

How to report?
Call 101 to report ASB to us or dial 999 in an Emergency.