Off Road Bikes

Scrambler Bikes

Off road bikes can be a lot of fun and a great hobby for their young riders. Yet many parents and young people are unaware of the law and legal responsibilities which apply to the ownership and riding of these vehicles.

All bikes including quad bikes, monkey bikes, scooters and small machines that have a petrol engine and mini motors and go peds which are powered by an electric motor are classified as not suitable for use on roads or pavements.

This brings these bikes under the laws that make motorcycling safe for everyone. It does not matter how small the bike is, how slowly it travels or that it has been designed for children.

Under the Police Reform Act anyone caught riding an off road bike in an anti-social way can be prosecuted. Breaking the law on off road bikes can have serious consequences, you run the risk of:

  • Having your or your child's bike seized, (ifyou are able to claim the bike back after seizure you may still have charges of more than £100 to pay).
  • An anti-social behaviour order
  • A heavy fine
  • A civil claim for injury to yourself or others

Be clear. Be safe. Be legal.