Fraud is the fastest growing crime in the UK and effects millions of people every day.  In its’ simplest terms a fraud is when someone makes a false representation or a misleading statement for the gain of them or another.  Working in counter-fraud is exciting, fast paced and littered with opportunity for our staff.

There are many types of fraud but common trends include; bogus official traders tricking homeowners that they’ve undertaken work, online dating scams where ‘lovers’ dupe their victim into sending money, fake lottery scams, taking credit in a victim’s name, and many more. It’s our job to stop that happening!

Fraud costs the UK taxpayer nearly £200 billion (yes billion) per year, but let’s not forget the human cost too – victim’s lives are often left decimated and we have countless tales of people losing their friends, family and even their lives.  You and your family are more likely to be a victim of Fraud than any other crime.

Prevention is better than cure, so we try our best to broadcast current scams and raise awareness of Fraud in every way we can.  We have a network of officers through Merseyside that are Fraud Champions and attend Community Events to give presentations, we liaise regularly with professional partners to access their Networks and assets and we use the local and national media to broadcast messages on our behalf.  Of course if cure is needed then we do everything we realistically can to track, prosecute and incarcerate offenders.  We’re not shy to repeatedly Tweet our success @MerPolFraud

Working is Economic Crime is fast-paced, exciting and a growing area of business.  Please get in touch if you want more detail or at the very least, follow us on Twitter!

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