Policing the Roads


This scheme manages the recovery, storage, release and/or disposal of all vehicles we recover.

We may recover a vehicle if it has been:

  • involved in a collision or has broken down and is causing an obstruction or hazard
  • abandoned and is causing an obstruction
  • potentially used in a crime
  • stolen
  • driven by an uninsured driver
  • used anti socially
  • left uninsured

Cost of recovery

Recovery charges will either be paid by the vehicle owner or us.

They're statutory and we do not set them. See The Removal, Storage and Disposal of Vehicles (Prescribed Sums and Charges) Regulations 2008 for more information.

When police pay

When we recover a vehicle for the purposes of a police investigation, or becuase we suspect it has been stolen, we'll pay the recovery fee.

When you pay

You’ll be required to pay for the cost of the recovery and any storage charges when your vehicle has been: 

  • at risk of vandalism/arson
  • reported as stolen to us and we recover it
  • found causing an obstruction or a danger to the public
  • involved in a collision
  • seized under Sec 165 Road Traffic Act without valid insurance and/or driving licence
  • seized under Sec 59 Police Reform Act  when a motor vehicle is used carelessly, inconsiderately or 'off-road' in a manner that causes alarm, annoyance or distress

Releasing your vehicle if it has been seized under Section 165a of the Road Traffic Act

A seizure notice will be issued which will tell you which documents you must bring to one of our designated police stations.

You must do this within 7 working days of the seizure.

Payment will be made directly to the recovery operator when you collect your vehicle. No payment will be made to the police.

The designated police stations are:

Wirral - Mortimer Street, Birkenhead, CH41 5EU – This is for people who are producing motor trade policies, fleet policies, Motability customers, non-EU licence holders, people seeking the release of foreign registered vehicles. Open Mon – Fri  9am to 5pm.  To guarantee being seen we advise you attend before 1.30pm and be prepared to wait during busy periods

  • Sefton - Albert Road, Southport, PR9 0LL. Open 8am – 10pm Monday – Saturday, 8am - 5pm Sunday
  • Liverpool - St Anne Street, Liverpool L3 3HJ. Open 8am – 10pm Monday – Saturday, 8am - 5pm Sunday
  • Liverpool - Ganworth Street, Speke, L24 2XQ. Open 8am – 10pm Monday – Saturday, closed all day Sunday
  • Knowsley - Lathom Road, Huyton, L36 9XU. Open 8am – 10pm Monday – Saturday, 8am - 5pm Sunday
  • St Helens - College Street WA10 1TG. Open 8am – 10pm Monday – Saturday, 8am - 5pm Sunday

Please do not telephone. You can only be dealt with in person. Registered keepers or owners using the services of a nominee must bring the nominee with them.

Releasing your vehicle if it has been seized for all other reasons

To arrange the release of your vehicle you must contact the recovery operator. The police will have advised you which company this is. The recovery operator will advise you if the police have allowed the vehicle to be released yet. You will only pay storage charges (if applicable) from midday on the day after your vehicle has been released and you have been informed.

Collecting your vehicle:

To arrange collection of your vehicle you should contact the recovery operator. We will advise you who this is.

You must provide two forms of identification, one of which must be photographic and the other providing address details.

Recovery operators are open for the release of vehicles between 9am and 1pm (please dont arrive any later than 12.30 so that it allows us to access your vehicle), Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays) and 8am and 12pm on a Saturday, by appointment only.

Payment should be made directly to the recovery operator at the point you collect your vehicle.