Mersey NOW

What is MerseyNOW?

MerseyNOW is a free community messaging service which allows members of the public to receive personalised news and crime updates in their local area.

MerseyNow will be used to send out appeals, crime prevention messages, offer support to victims and give advice about ongoing incidents.


How do i register for MerseyNOW?

You can register for the free service at and then control the way in which you receive your messages – either via text, email or voice message. You can also choose which updates you receive based on the topics that are of interest to you, such as crime prevention and burglaries.

It is also possible to choose how many areas you wish to receive information about such as where a relative lives, a school or workplace.

To To register all that is needed is either an email address or a mobile number.

To find out more about MerseyNOW visit: