Foreign Nationals

Registering with the Police

If you or your dependants are required to register and the visa in your passport states “PolRegistration” or your Bio Residence Permit Card states “Register/Report to Police”, you must attend the Overseas Visitor Records Office within seven days to register.  Follow the link to check if you are required to register.

To find out more information about the process of registering with the Police, please visit the Registration for Foreign Nationals page.

If you need to visit the Overseas Visitor Registration Office, please find the address below:

Overseas Visitors Registration office

Wavertree Road Police Station

Wavertree Road


L7 1RJ

Opening Hours:         

Monday – Friday (by appointment only)

8.00 am – 4.00 pm Variable depending on appointments booked.

Contact Details:         

Telephone: 0151 777 5407