For more information about the different types of Property, please click the following here

There are three different types of Property which can be categorised into the following categories:

Lost Property

Merseyside Police do not take reports of lost property and do not issue or provide lost property reference numbers. You can however check our lost property database by filling in the following Form which can be checked against our found database.

**If the item lost is dangerous and could cause harm, you should contact 999 immediately. This could include hazardous items such as firearms, ammunition, medicines, poisons, toxins or chemicals**

Found Property

If you find any of the below items you are advised to attend your nearest enquiry office or contact us immediately for advice on 101, or 999 in an emergency:

  • Non UK passports
  • Firearms, weapons, ammunition
  • Illegal drugs, unidentifiable substances, or other items that may pose a danger or harm to others.

If you have found any items not listed above, it is your responsibility to make reasonable efforts to trace the owner. Consider enquiries in nearby premises, placing an advertisement in local newspapers, utilise social media or leave a note if possible.

If you would like to drop off any Property, please use this link to a list of Merseyside Police stations addresses and opening times.

Seized Property

Before your property can be returned, this must be authorised by the officer in charge of the investigation. If you want your property back and you have not received a letter authorising you to collect it, please contact the officer in charge of the investigation and ask them to authorise its release. Once this has been authorised the Evidence Management Unit will notify you by letter as to when you can collect your property. On receipt of this letter, please contact the Evidence Management Unit who will arrange an appointment for you to collect your property.

Please note that any property that is hazardous or illegal for you to possess, will not be returned.

If you cannot collect your property yourself, you can nominate someone to collect it for you, but you need to give them written authorisation to do so.

Registering your Property

If your item has a serial number you can also record your loss at the following sites or Reports are searchable by Police forces nationwide and insurance companies to help restore property or process a claim. 

Insurance Company Claims

If your insurance company or mobile phone supplier has asked you to contact the police, please inform them we do not provide reference numbers in these circumstances. You can however download the attached standard letter to help you explain this.