Free community messaging service launched by Merseyside Police and Police Commissioner

A new free community messaging service which allows members of the public to receive personalised news and crime updates in their local area will be launched by Merseyside Police and the Police Commissioner today, Monday 21 March.

MerseyNow will be used to send out appeals, crime prevention messages, offer support to victims and give advice about ongoing incidents.

Members of the public can register for the free service and then control the way in which they receive messages – either via text, email or voice message. They can also choose which updates they receive based on the topics that are of interest to them, such as crime prevention and burglaries.

It is also possible to choose how many areas they wish to receive information about such as where a relative lives, a school or workplace.

Accounts can be managed online so preferences and information access can by updated any time.

To To register all that is needed is either an email address or a mobile number.

Chief Superintendent Peter Costello said: “We want members of the community to receive the news that is important to them, when and how they want it.

“We know that modern day technology – and the way in which people access information - is constantly changing and people often rely on phones and computers for updates on what is happening around Merseyside during their day.

“We want to offer the public a service that can be tailored to their needs and offers them only the information they want such as details of community events or meetings in their area or advice on home security or neighbourhood watch schemes.

“It also gives Merseyside Police the chance to update the public when there are ongoing incidents or potential traffic disruption and to improve communication with the local community and our partners."

Police and Crime Commissioner Jane Kennedy said: “MerseyNow has been developed to bring the communication of essential police and crime information to the public right up to date.

“Using text messages, email and social media, it will be another tool which Merseysiders will now be able to use to get alerts, police notifications and crime prevention advice when they need it and enable them to give instant responses.

“By launching this new messaging service the aim is to modernise communication between Merseyside Police, their key partners and the communities they serve to reduce crime and keep people safe. I hope over the coming months MerseyNow will help us to achieve even greater dialogue between the police and local people, improving the two way-flow of information about crime and community safety issues.”

Anyone interested in registering for the service can go to