Three men sentenced to more than 20 years in prison following discovery of firearms in Walton

We are welcoming the sentencing of three men to a total of more than 20 years in prison for firearms offences following the discovery of weapons in Walton last year.

49-year-old Paul Russell from Radmore Road in Knotty Ash was sentenced to nine years in prison after pleading guilty to possession of a firearm, and possession with intent to supply cocaine, MDMA, cannabis and cannabis resin.

26-year-old Liam Campbell and 31-year-old David McCaig, both of no fixed abode, were each sentenced to six years imprisonment after pleading guilty to possession of a firearm. Campbell also admitting possession of cannabis and cannabis resin.

Walton Vale Gun2






On Friday, September 9 2017, officers found an abandoned Skoda Octavia in Crescent Road, Walton following a pursuit. Officers including Police Dog Lenny searched the area to locate the occupants, and in doing so found a manbag containing a loaded Tokarev semi-automatic pistol and a second manbag containing a Colt revolver.


DNA on the Tokarev pistol matched the three defendants. A warrant carried out at the home of Paul Russell led to the seizure of cannabis resin worth around £85,000, cocaine worth around £4,500, plus around £15,000 worth of MDMA powder, and drug paraphernalia.

Walton Vale Drugs1Detective Superintendent John Webster said: “Today's sentencing shows that we will be relentless in pursuing criminals who are intent on storing dangerous weapons in Merseyside, wherever they hide.

“This was an excellent and thorough investigation which has removed dangerous weapons, drugs and people from the streets of Merseyside. The Tokarev pistol was loaded and stored in public, and the harm either weapon could have caused is plain to see. The drugs recovered would also have been destined to spread misery in the communities, and we will continue to carry out warrants when information is provided.

"We will not tolerate criminals who use guns to create fear and intimidation on Merseyside and we are also determined to crack down on the people who help them by storing and looking after illegal weapons."

“I would like to reiterate the words by Judge Conrad at court, commending the work of our officers and PD Lenny, a highly-trained dog who sniffed out these weapons and in doing so removed significant threats from the streets.

“Our work in pursuing and targeting those who choose to mind, store and use dangerous weapons continues, and if you have any information or suspicions, come forward and we will continue to take positive action on all information provided.”

Anyone with information of firearms in Merseyside can contact specialist Major Crime detectives on 0800 230 0600 or Crimestoppers anonymously, on 0800 555 111.