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World War 1 Officers

Liverpool Daily Post 06.01.1915Merseyside Police holds WW1 & WW2 plaques in memory of fallen officers from the force as it stood at the time of the wars. The names from the plaques have been collated and with some further research we have been able to find 160 Police Officers from the few Police Forces that now make up Merseyside Police who were killed in action in WW1. From across the whole of Merseyside there were around 13,000 servicemen that lost their lives, from a UK total of 1.1 Million.

For the Centenary this year we have a few commemorative events planned.

In April 2018, 20 school children from the Mini Police, came into Police HQ from St George’s Primary and Mersey View Primary schools and planted thousands of Poppy seeds around the borders of HQ. This involved filling the trugs with soil, greatly discounted from Dobbies, and with reduced Trugs from B&Q, who also kindly donated 25,000 Poppy seeds, they did a great job of giving the poppy seeds a warm bed for the Spring.

Mini Police Holding Poppies Matt Boyle Mini Police

All the children got a certificate and a Badge from the British Legion as thanks for their help.

Whilst the poppies were growing, The names of the fallen officers were collated and placed onto new plaques which were placed around the railings in time for the Poppies to flower. Sea, RAF and Police Cadets helped place them around the railings.


Cathy Davidson one of the Granddaughters of the officers Frederick George Collins made contact and we invited her in to put up her own Grandfathers plaque on the railings.


Cathy Davidson Adds Her Grandfathers Plaque Poppies Plaque



After the poppies have finished flowering small wooden crosses will be placed in the troughs beneath the plaques until Mid-November.

40 Officers from around the force volunteered to be part of a film, which will be released in November 2018, this involved officers holding the plaques at various locations around Merseyside, to commemorate the fallen officers. Many officers are ex-military and were honored to be involved in this project to remember our fallen officers.

Matrix Officers At St Georges Hall

Officers At War Memorial


Police Officer 1 Poppies Officer 2 Poppies Officer 3

The British Legion site – WWW.Everyoneremembered.org has been updated with stories and photographs for around 135 of the officers so far. The British Legion are trying to get all 1.1 million servicemen & women remembered by the end of 2018.

School children from across the region have been invited to make poppies which will be incorporated into a Poppy Mosaic design around the force crest. The names of the 160 officers will also be included within the mosaic, which will bring all the names together in one place for the Centenary. The closing date for home-made Poppies is 30th September 2018. WW1.Centenary@Merseyside.Police.uk

The finished Mosaic will be brought into a church service which is being held at St Nicholas Church in Liverpool on the 8th November at 11am Some of the stories with regards to the officers will be read out during the service.

Your Country Needs You We need your help……

Are you related to any of the 160 officers from the WW1?

On the left of this page is a Roll of Honour listing all the officers’ names, with some details regarding their regiment etc.

Please take a look to see if you are related to any of these servicemen. We are working our way through the list researching the fallen officers and have written some biographies, and in some case we have found photographs, but we really need your help to fill in the blanks. In some cases we may have made an error with spellings of names or other details, we apologise in advance for any mistakes.

Any more information you are able to find please send it in to WW1.Centenary@Merseyside.Police.uk

For any relatives we would be honored to invite you to attend a small service we are holding on the 8th of November.


Much of the detailed bio's on the officers is from information available within the public domain, we apologise for any errors made, they can be corrected on request.

The following acknowledgements are made;


Peter Dellius, Paul Cumberlidge, Bill Sergeant, Tracey Fisher, Emma Jones